PIE 541 Frequency Process Calibrator with Totalizer Function


The PIE 541 Frequency Calibrator is designed for calibration, testing, and diagnosing turbine meters, frequency counters, vibration systems, tachometers, vortex shedders, integrators, and any other frequency devices in the shop, plant or field. Save hours of time compared to other calibration methods. When calibrating a totalizer, the Model 541 eliminates the need of a stop watch. Set the number of pulses and number of minutes required and it automatically stops when the selected number of pulses has been sent to the totalizer! The PIE 541 has a handy LED indicator showing gate time for easy trigger level adjustment. The LED also pulses with the frequency output for calibration of optical pickups.

  • Accuracy: ± 0.005% of range
  • 5 ranges from 1 CPH (Count-Per-Hour) to 20.000 KHz for source and read
  • Totalize inputs/outputs from 1 to 99999 pulses in 1.0 to 100.0 minutes.
  • Read a wide range of frequencies and waveforms from 50 mV to 120V peak.
  • Source sine and square waves with zero based or zero crossing waveforms.
  • Adjustable output amplitude from 100 mV to 12 V peak-to-peak.
  • Gate trigger LED flashes in synch with the output frequency to calibrate optical pickups. This also allows easy adjustment of the attenuation for proper gate triggering.
  • EZ-Dial™ knob easily adjusts output by 1; press down and while turning the knob for a faster dialing speed
  • EZ-Check™ switch for instant 0% and 100% span adjustments
  • Store new EZ-Check™ values by pressing the EZ-Dial™ knob
  • Uses a standard 9V Alkaline battery with easy access to the battery compartment
  • Superior battery life of 45 hours under typical continuous usage
  • Small, tough and protected to 60V